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How To Build Strong Teams Post #COVID19 - 5 Things Great Team Leaders Do Differently

Updated: May 9, 2020

How is your Team performing? Has there been a change in efficiency since lockdown or home isolation? Have you investigated Team Coaching?

The Hong Kong protests and now Covid 19 has meant disruption among much of the workforce in Hong Kong and across the world. Teams which were previously cohesive and strong have been fragmented. Some Team Members have thrived and others who were previously excelling in performance have fallen back. This can be because of the lack of face-to-face contact or perhaps this could be a Manager or Team Leader’s ability to bring a team together remotely.

Team Coaching involves taking a group of people along to the same common shared goal for a specific outcome. All Team Members have the same focus and move together as a unit in order to ensure that goal and outcome is met.

Have a look at the top 5 tips to ensure your Team is performing at it’s best:

  1. Ensure everyone on the Team knows exactly what the goal is and has this fixed and focused.

  2. When there are ANY changes to the goal, communicate this thoroughly and between all Team Members

  3. Make sure everyone on the Team remains focused on the outcome. This is WHY you have a goal. What are you aiming to achieve at the end? Sometimes when going through a process during a task the outcome can be lost with the detail. Reframing and reminding people of the outcome can be important.

  4. Ensuring everyone knows what their part is to play on the Team to make sure the goal is met is also important. Let them know that they are all essential in order to fulfil their goal and the desired outcome.

  5. Continue to create openness, trust and honesty for collaboration between all Team Members. A breakdown in trust can mean a breakdown in the team and the pathway to the goal and outcome.

  6. Know when to engage an external Team Coach in order to ensure maximum efficiency in the shortest period of time for your Team to reach a given goal and outcome.

Here are the top five reasons why you should hire an Team Coach for your team:

  1. Team coaching with a qualified and experienced Team Coach can improve the performance of a newly formed team in a much shorter period of time.

  2. If you have a Team which has been fragmented and has had significant change in structure, then external team coaching can enhance performance very quickly by creating trust and a new collaborative framework.

  3. Where you may have an issue with part of a Team but you’re not sure where because it can be well hidden. A Team Coach can help resolve this.

  4. Team coaching can help develop Team Leaders through challenges. Again encouraging collaboration and honesty between the Team and the Team Leader in order to maintain optimum effectiveness in the shortest period of time.

  5. Team coaching with an external coach increases communication and honesty and trust within a group. Quite often team members may not want to disclose any challenges that they’re having with each other. An external Team Coach can help navigate, encourage collaborative dialogue and resolve any issues that they might be.

Team coaching can be carried out by someone internally to your business and sometimes the results are good. However engaging a professional who is external to the business almost immediately encourages more honesty and the ability to speak out individually if there is a challenge, moving the team forward towards the common goal.

For a conversation about how Team Coaching can help you and your business improve your efficiency and speed with projects please connect with

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