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Where are you now and where do you want to be? 

How do you want to make change to achieve your goals in your career and life? Are you moving through a growth phase with your business and want to learn how to become a better Leader? Perhaps you have a challenge coming up in your professional or personal life and want to have the best tools to succeed. Maybe you want to find your purpose to be happier. Do you want to learn how to change career and explore your options?

Executive Coaching can help you be a better Leader, improve your communication skills, grow your business and build stronger teams. Life Coaching can help you investigate how to make life changes and find more purpose. We can help you explore, develop and grow, being with you step by step, while you navigate to your new destination and goal. Success is there, we help you go and get it!

Successful Consultants Limited are an Executive Coaching, Career Coaching and Life Coaching partnership in Hong Kong and New York. We have over 30 years between us, working across the world, covering Europe, the Americas and Asia, leading international global businesses and helping people change and transition in their lives to be successful and happy. 

We have worked with clients on Leadership Development Coaching, Executive Coaching, Communication Strategy Coaching, Career Coaching and Change Management Coaching. We can provide coaching in Mandarin and Cantonese where required.

Meet Us

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Caroline Langston

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Caroline was a Recruiter and Executive Head Hunter for 11 years working across the world with global MNC's at executive level. This gives her a great understanding of what companies are looking for when recruiting and how to change careers. Now coaching Managers to Executives for leadership and transition, from Tech Startups to Global MNC's, Caroline has a passion for ensuring people are as happy as they can be in their lives and careers. She set up Successful Consultants Limited in Hong Kong last year and is now focusing on  helping people through transition, change and growth.

Email Caroline Directly HERE


Patrick Bennett

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Patrick is leading the New York office and has been a Senior Global Leader in Multi National Companies across the world. He is passionate about helping people manage through change and transition in their life or business, unlocking their maximum potential. Patrick is Associate Certified Coach, ACC accredited by the International Coaching Federation and a Business Transformation Expert. His clients are leading luxury brands, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, venture capital, founders and change focused individuals from around the globe. Email Patrick directly HERE

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