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Caroline Langston


Executive Coach & Founder
CEO | CTO Coach, Team Coach, High-Performance Coach.  Family Office, Banking, Financial Services, Fintech, Law Practice, Entrepreneur & Startup, Technology & Digital.

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Caroline Langston specializes in coaching CEOs, CTOs, senior executives and their teams through transition, transformation and change. She has worked extensively coaching family offices, banking, fintech, digital/ technology and law practice clients across the world.   


Leading our Hong Kong office, with over 12 years of experience she has previously worked with global companies and SMEs businesses. With leaders and their teams. Caroline is passionate about helping people manage change and transition in their life and / or business, with the best possible outcomes for everyone, unlocking their maximum potential.


An International Coaching Federation Certified Professional Coach Caroline is also Neuro Linguistic Programming certified to Master Practitioner and Coach. She is Team Coaching Certified by the European Mentor and Coaching Council. and further certified by Dr Paul Ekman to expert level for micro expression detection.  Her clients range from global software companies to technology startups, lawyers, entrepreneurs and private investment banking/family offices. Caroline works confidentially under NDA with many of her senior level clients.

Computer Programming

Spending the last 12 years working with 100's of companies and 1000's of individuals helping them to make change for excellence, success and happiness within their lives and careers has been Caroline's passion and purpose.


She has enabled leaders and their teams from some of the largest MNC's in the world in their field, to succeed in their careers and also make significant changes through coaching to accelerate their performance and improve their well being. This has been via performance acceleration coaching for success and career coaching for career change. As a qualified Team Coach, this knowledge can be imparted to her leaders and their teams to improve teamwork and cohesiveness. Ensuring wellness is an important part of this work and creating this through emotional/ stress management in people's lives has been integral to her coaching methodology. 

Caroline's background and passion comes from successfully working with clients from a variety of industries individually helping them succeed and be happy in their lives and careers. Also working with teams helping them integrate and communicate effectively.

Working with companies and helping top performers excel in their divisions and gain promotion has been her goal and mission. As well as supporting improvement in other team members.

While Caroline provides executive coaching to all industries, she has a speciality in family offices, financial services, law practice, fintech, digital and technology. Caroline has successfully coached private and corporate clients in the following areas 

  • CEOs of family offices, banking/ investment offices and their teams.

  • Law Practice Principals and Partners.

  • Fintech and Digital Assets Leaders

  • Founders of IT digital and technology startups.

  • Global executives of MNC enterprise software companies

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Image by Andreas Klassen
  • Optimizing communication strategies for individuals and as a company to maximize positive outcomes

  • Enhancing individual and team performance for optimum productivity

  • Working with business leaders and their teams going through growth and contraction phases

  • Team coaching working with cohesion and focus

  • Managing teams through change and transition

  • Working with fast-growing digital and technology companies after funding

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