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Does Executive Coaching Really Help? 

Executive Coaching has helped many senior leaders excel in their careers. As written in Forbes and other publications, Executive Coaching is now seen as an essential part of personal development for Business Leaders across the world. Leaders on our Executive Coaching program have seen definite and tangible results with their leadership style and businesses following completion of a program.

Why would I choose Life Coaching?

Life Coaching for change is one of the most common reasons people decide to engage us. If you are looking to take steps to discover your purpose, find more internal motivation, increase your confidence or develop your interpersonal skills, we can help you. Our clients have found Life Coaching very valuable to help them find their own resourcefulness in these areas. 

Can you find me a job if you are Career Coaching me?

No. If you are in a coaching contract with us we cannot find a job for you as a Recruiter. We are there to help you be resourceful and help you discover the best way to move forward in your career. We are not aiding your job search, we are helping you discover the best way for you to move yourself to move forward. 

How much does coaching cost?

Different  people require different levels of coaching and coaching skills. Therefore each cost may be different dependent on your level of requirement and which Coach you decide to hire. We suggest you have an initial "chemistry call" with your Coach to talk about this and how we can partner together.

Who have you worked with and is this confidential?

We have some people who are happy to give us testimonials, which we have added to our site, however many of our clients remain confidential. Confidentiality is VERY important to us and we adhere to the International Coaching Federation Code of Conduct relating to confidentiality and legal requirements.

How do I know that Successful Consultants Limited is the right coaching partner for me?

The best way to discover if we are right for you is to talk to us. You can also see our testimonials on our front page and our referrals on our LinkedIn pages.

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