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Caroline Langston Successful Consultants Founder also founded Recruiters Give Back. Recruiters Give Back is a not for profit organisation. Originating in Hong Kong, our mission and passion is to help unemployed people take the first step forward towards finding a new job via free information related to job search, training, upskilling and career coaching. We cannot find a job for you, but can help with training, resources and coaching to help make the first step towards finding yourself a job. 

The website contains free templates to create your CV. Information on optimising your LinkedIn profile. Interview questions to help you prepare and career coaching techniques.  We will also provide links to free resources for upskilling/ retraining to change your job or career and articles to help with your mental wellbeing throughout your job search journey. We will also aim to match you with a professional to help if you would like to speak to someone about your job search. If you have been made redundant this will be a great place to find all the "back to work" resources you need in one place. 


There is an unemployment crisis across the world. People who have never had to look for work have been made redundant, lost their jobs and are unemployed. This can be frightening and is having an effect on mental wellness.


Recruiters Give Back are a group of volunteer Recruiters, Career Coaches, Counsellors and Psychologists, who are giving their services free of charge to help the people of Hong Kong and the world get back to work. 

Making a plan for just one step forward towards a new job search can help people become more resourceful, create positive mental attitude and forward thinking strategies.

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