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Career Coaching 



Career coaching be useful you when you are looking for a career move, but do not know how or which direction to take.  When you would like to evaluate opportunities/ new business set up. If you are investigating relocation to another country. If you would like to learn to be a happier in your current role or have just moved into a new challenging position and would like support with the transition.

This will help you evaluate your direction and offers the tools needed to find your next opportunity and network with the right people for career/ job or location change/ evaluation of new business set up. Suggested 4 sessions.

To arrange a call to talk to someone about Career Coaching, how to change your career or first steps to a new job click HERE 

The package can cover (dependent on requirements):

  • Career Coaching for change into another role or transition within your company

  • Search and selection of opportunities – market exploration

  • Exploration of other countries

  • Evaluation of setting up your own business

  • LinkedIn evaluation, branding and SEO for maximum exposure

  • Networking and using social media to your advantage

  • CV Construction

  • Language patterns for maximum response and success.

  • Other useful software packages and search techniques for opportunity location

  • Interview coaching​

There are many aspects of change in your career:

  • You may be looking at movement into another company

  • You may want to investigate setting up your own business

  • You might want to change career entirely

  • You may be looking for enhancement in your current job

  • You may have moved roles and are finding your new company challenging


How Career Coaching Can Help You

  • It can help you explore your potential

  • It can help you evaluate job opportunities

  • It can help you understand your potential and limitations

  • Help you look at strengths and leverage these

  • Facilitates transition

  • It can help you see more clearly

  • It can help you enjoy your current job more or look for opportunities in your current company/ role.

An Overview of Career Coaching 

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