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A 5 Step Plan Towards Creativity, Inspiration and Happiness!

As an Executive Coach, I help people move forwards and achieve their goals and ambitions. From that place where they are, to where they want to be. I help them make change and in many cases make that move especially when they are stuck.

This article is going to be really straightforward. The message is clear. Do something every day which inspires you.

If you’ve got that thing that you’ve looked at doing, that looks interesting. That thing you’ve always wanted to do, or you’ve always thought about doing it and you’ve never taken the time to investigate now is the time to make a start!

Especially when we get older we get stuck in a rut and quite often stop learning. Even if it’s outside your work or career, doing something that really inspires you initiates a level of creativity, passion, and happiness which amazes many of my clients.

Doing something which inspires you can make you happy. Happiness, creativity, motivation and health are all closely interlinked.

A study here looked at creativity and happiness. It found that people who had creative goals had a greater overall score of wellbeing.

The following is a 5 step plan to help you get started on finding happiness, purpose, motivation and happiness:

  1. Start noticing when there is something which really puts you into flow or into a state of happiness. What do you truly love doing?

  2. Write it down, make a note of it.

  3. Set yourself a time based goal to get started. Give yourself a target date. Eg. I noticed I like designing. This weekend I am going to look for the right design course OR I am going to start doing 30 minutes of creative designing every day/ every other day from Monday!

  4. Make a commitment to yourself for the next steps. Book in, make time, make a space for yourself on a daily basis if you can!

  5. Get started on your target date.

Notice what is getting in the way of you reaching your goal. What is stopping you? How important is it? How rewarding will doing that one small thing per day which inspires you be?

Even if it is only for 10 minutes per day, this can start to make a huge difference to your creativity, motivation and in turn your wellbeing. Today is the day to change your life!

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