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How Powerfully Diversity Drives Creativity

Inclusion focuses on embracing diverse perspectives, it's like I noted during a recent interview: "That mix is really important when it comes to fueling creativity because viewpoints are shared, and it’s about putting many different ideas on the table."

When people agree on a plan too readily, it can be because they're all coming from the same place, and that means they can all miss the same things. That's so much less likely in a diverse group.

Diversity brings together people with different backgrounds, life experiences, cultures, narratives, and stories. In such groups, no idea is accepted without debate and no one interpretation is dominant. This might sound frustrating, but it's actually energizing.

Creativity doesn't happen in a vacuum. It blossoms when it has to find its way around obstacles it didn't know existed. Building a culture of inclusion and diversity goes hand in hand with building a coaching culture, both are powerful in delivering change and driving creativity.

About the author, Patrick Bennett is the Founder of Successful Consultants NY Ltd, an executive, business and specialized coaching company based in New York, with his partner Caroline Langston founding the practice in Hong Kong. He is an ACC, accredited by the International Coaching Federation and has held positions as a Senior Global Leader in Multi National Companies across the world. He specializes in coaching luxury goods & jewelry brands and is passionate about helping people manage through change and transition in their life or business.

For a conversation about how coaching can help you create a vision to become the best version of yourself contact Patrick at or go to

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