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5 Ways You Can Accelerate Your Performance

What is stopping you from making it to the next level in your career or with your own company? What can you do to fine-tune your performance and accelerate yourself upwards? Are you a business owner or CEO who is “stuck” and cannot seem to grow?

Here are 5 essential areas for you to consider change and will guarantee an acceleration in performance and growth.

Do you do all of these? If not why not?

Have an ultimate goal in mind

What are you ultimately aiming for? Financial freedom for you or your children? To retire early. To take that big holiday? To buy that new car? Having a larger goal to motivate you and keep you going can make a huge difference to accelerating and maintaining your performance. Think about how you are going to remember this when the going gets tough. Maybe a reminder on your phone or a picture on your computer? Whatever works for you. Write it down, say it out loud, and affirm it. Find yourself an accountability partner who can help you be accountable for your actions and achieve your ultimate goal. Writing down goal setting was shown in students to result in a 23% increase in grades in a study carried out in 2020. Demonstrating that affirming your goal in writing helps you achieve it.

Plan every day with achievable goals

Achievable goals are important, but they must stretch you. Being outside of your comfort zone pushes you to your growth zone and will help you accelerate further. As with your ultimate goal, write it down, and allocate time in your diary to push yourself to completion within a given time. Work on these with an accountability partner/ team leader/ line manager if they are not set as goals already. Understanding expectations and then exceeding them = win-win for everyone.

Keep learning

Upskill yourself. When was the last time you set an intention to learn something new? Think about something you love and that you will find useful. This makes it easier to stay focused on the outcome you are looking for which is expanding your mind and vision. If you are still on the fence when it comes to your career pathway or ultimate goal, really noticing what you love learning about can help you assess what is important to you as well.

Look after your body

Sleep well, eat well and ensure that you take time out for some exercise. All of these things will help you perform at your maximum capability. Hard work does work to a point, but taking care of your body will help you stay that one step ahead of your competition.

Look after your mind

This might be by taking quality time out with your family. Have a break for 3-5 mins every hour to move around and have a physical and mental reset. Hire an Executive Coach, hire a psychologist. Talk about issues and challenges you are having with trusted advisors. This will help you see different perspectives and also learn. Sharing problems and noticing that there may be alternative ways forward can prevent you from being stuck and release negativity/ stress, which helps with your performance AND physical health.

Caroline Langston is the Co-Founder of Successful Consultants Ltd, an Executive, Personal and Career Development Coaching company in Hong Kong and New York. Caroline is dedicated to coaching people for performance success, wellness and happiness in their careers and lives. She is degree qualified with a Certificate in Professional Coaching Mastery. She is also a Professional Certified Accredited Coach (International Coaching Federation), has a Certificate in Team Coaching from the EMCC and further certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming at Master Practitioner and Coach level.

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